1. I just can't, won't, ever get how people don't want u to call on their behavior, but can and will comment on yours. I have sons and daughters, I don't want any of the to be cum buckets at large. Recepticles. I see the fickle in these women and from many races when they can't believe why I won't sleep with them. Some have got nasty. I just don't want to slide up and down on the used and abused. Straight nasty!! Some people are just straight beasts. They walk round shitting on the back of their kicks without a concern whatsoever. In my mind I do. I just want to show appreciation for where Jah has me and brought me from. People moat run from the guilt with u can't judge me. I point out the long standing words: u stand judged already by ya selfish, greedy deeds. U r what u eat, trash. Raw, ruff and rugged. The government is not the beginning nor end word of the word for me and mine. JAH is, and like Y'all, I have things to work on, like condoning you and my trash ,never..wrong is wrong and right is right, day is day and night is night, No matter how u see it. Your reality is not actuality. According to the universe..

  2. When will the media investigate sexual allegations against #jaredleto of #30secondstomars ? Jared, accompanied by bro, Shannon, sexually harassed me in front of my two best friends who were younger than me on the set of Prefontaine at the #universityofpugetsound when I was 14, asking me when I was going to take my clothes off. My friend mentioned my age to which he replied, "so you're the neighborhood Lolita?" I've seen some other allegations floating around out there on him with minors. I've contacted metootales.com (legalist.com) and they told me a NY lawyer will be getting back to me to discuss my legal options. #metoo #timesup #rosearmy


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