1. well, you got to be some person who did ENTER and to TAINT with our minds and souls in our lives to be mentioned on youtube or TV while nobody from the mentioned gives a darn about millions of common people passing away, kind of strange huh

  2. I posted a comment a day ago about former Fleetwood Mac band member, Danny Kirwan (whose last name was incorrectly spelt as Kirwar in the video). However, my comment appears to have disappeared.

  3. Judging from the comments, most of the people watching this failed their English class, so can't really call out the videographer for their spelling: That's like a KKK member complaining they have a racist neighbour.

  4. Mike MacDonald Occupation Canadian. I think they mean Comedian, he would probably get a little chuckle at that. I have never heard of half these folks but it sure is a reality check as to our brief time here.


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